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Posted by Ginny Henry | May 29, 2023
News Release

News Release
For Immediate Release
Regional Tourism Organization 7 (RTO7) delivers $6.9 million for 94 businesses and organizations, with support from the Government of Canada’s Tourism Relief Fund (TRF), to attract visitors and support future growth

June 1, 2023    Thornbury (Ontario)                    

Today, RTO7 announced support for 94 tourism businesses and organizations in BruceGreySimcoe to recover from the pandemic and prepare for future growth.

RTO7 received over $7.6 million to deliver the Government of Canada’s Tourism Relief Fund, delivered by the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario (FedDev Ontario) to help local tourism organizations and businesses safely welcome back visitors, recover from the impacts of the pandemic, create jobs and prepare for future growth.
This includes Wasaga Adventure Park, which is receiving nearly $53,000 to enhance its paintball experience by creating a second speedball arena to host provincial and national tournaments and a new themed playing area. This expansion complements the year-round sports tourism destination that the BruceGreySimcoe region has become known for.
Please see the backgrounder for information on all projects receiving support.  


“The Government of Canada’s $78-million investment through the Tourism Relief Fund is helping communities across southern Ontario. With this funding, southern Ontario’s Regional Tourism Organizations and Indigenous Tourism Ontario are providing hundreds of local businesses and organizations with the support they need to create jobs, attract more visitors and grow local economies, now and into the future.”
-        The Honourable Filomena Tassi, Minister responsible for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario
“It’s time for Canada’s tourism sector to push past reviving all the way to thriving. Our government’s investments in tourism over the last three years focused on sustaining and rebuilding the tourism ecosystem, promoting what we have and designing for the future. A fully recovered and robust tourism sector is key to our government’s ongoing work to build an economy that works for everyone. Together, we can make sure that Canada’s tourism sector is something that visitors and Canadians alike will celebrate and enjoy for generations to come.”
-        The Honourable Randy Boissonnault, Minister of Tourism and Associate Minister of Finance
“The recovery of the tourism industry moved one step closer with this investment by the Government of Canada through FedDev Ontario. The funding provided much-needed support in the development of sustainable tourism and moves the BruceGreySimcoe region in the direction of a more, equitable, diverse and inclusive destination.”
-        Bill Sullivan, CEO Regional Tourism Organization 7

“The investment in Wasaga Adventure Park that was made possible by the Government of Canada and FedDev Ontario’s Tourism Relief Fund has enhanced the Adventure Park to become the paintball enthusiast’s destination of choice in Ontario. The new Woodsball Field has created interest within the paintball community not only in Ontario but Quebec as well. The addition of the new speedball field is the finest in all of Ontario, if not Canada, and has put us on top as one of the most desirable places to host tournaments.”
-        Donna Langman Owner/Operator Wasaga Adventure Park 

Quick facts
  • Regional Tourism Organization 7 (RTO7) provides strategic and collaborative leadership to build, sustain and grow tourism in BruceGreySimcoe (see map). We are one of 11 RTOs – independent, not-for-profit corporations.
  • In 2019, BruceGreySimcoe attracted an estimated 11.3 million visitors.
  • Visitors to BruceGreySimcoe spent an estimated $1.7 billion in the region.  
  • A recent study commissioned by RTO7, Bruce, Grey and Simcoe counties reported that in 2014, total employment in tourism-related industries within Region 7 was in excess of 34,000 jobs.
  • Wasaga Adventure Park is located just an hour north of Toronto and is one of the largest paintball facilities in Canada, boasting over 50 acres of outdoor adventure with 13 unique playing courses and a 25,000 square-foot indoor space with large turf playing surface and two party rooms.
  • The Government of Canada’s $500-million Tourism Relief Fund is helping tourism-oriented businesses and organizations recover from the pandemic and prepare for future growth. FedDev Ontario is delivering nearly $120 million of the Tourism Relief Fund across southern Ontario.
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Donna Langman
Wasaga Adventure Park
Bill Sullivan
Regional Tourism Organization 7
Edward Hutchinson
Press Secretary
Office of the Minister responsible for the Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario
About Wasaga Adventure Park
Wasaga Adventure Park opened in 1992 and has been running in its current location since October 2004, with Steve and Donna Langman at its helm. The facility is located on land formerly owned by Steve Langman’s great-grandfather, with the barn and much of the original house still being used today. The Park celebrated its 30th anniversary in June 2022 and has substantially grown and expanded over the years from Paintball, to Airsoft, Laser, Nerf, Archery Tag, Escape Rooms and Axe Throwing. Book your next adventure at Wasaga Adventure Park.
About Regional Tourism Organization 7
Regional Tourism Organization 7 (RTO7) provides strategic and collaborative leadership to build, sustain and grow tourism in BruceGreySimcoe (see map). We are one of 11 RTOs – independent, not-for-profit corporations to which the Ontario government provides annual funding to lead tourism planning, marketing and development in their respective regions. Learn more about support for the tourism Industry in Region 7 (BruceGreySimcoe) offered by RTO7 on FacebookInstagramTwitter and LinkedIn.

Our vision is to establish BruceGreySimcoe as Ontario’s four season destination of choice. 
Our mission is to work collaboratively with tourism partners and stakeholders to build, sustain and grow visitation, investment and visitor spending.
About FedDev Ontario
For 13 years, the Government of Canada, through FedDev Ontario, has worked to advance and diversify the southern Ontario economy through funding opportunities and business services that support innovation, growth and job creation in Canada’s most populous region. The Agency has delivered impressive results, which can be seen in southern Ontario businesses that are creating innovative technologies, improving productivity, growing revenues, creating jobs, and in the economic advancement of communities across the region. Learn more about the impacts the Agency is having in southern Ontario by exploring our pivotal projects, our Southern Ontario Spotlight, and FedDev Ontario’s TwitterFacebookInstagram and LinkedIn.

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