Thank you for your interest in the Operations Implementation Program.  The Program is fully subscribed for 2021/22. Please subscribe to our newsletter or reach out to Robyn Hewitt for information on our 2022/23 program.

The Operations Implementation Program (OIP) is designed to assist stakeholders in BruceGreySimcoe with social media marketing to promote their operations as part of RTO7’s 2021/22 Business Plan. Examples of eligible operational expenses that can be used to leverage marketing funds include property taxes, mortgage costs, insurance, inventory purchases, etc.


Stakeholders interested in the Operations Implementation Program will be required to demonstrate the following:
  • You have an active Facebook PAGE and are actively engaged on the platform (i.e. post at a regular frequency and respond to comments within 24 hours prior to COVID-19).
  • You must have current collateral (produced in the last 3 years); high resolution images and/or video that can be used in a social media campaign.
  • Your website must be up to date and reflect your current offerings, hours and contact information.
  • You must have a product currently for sale or be ready to open to the public according to Ontario’s Framework for Reopening the Province
In this time of transition, partners are encouraged to consider opportunities to shift to more sustainable tourism practices where possible.
RTO7 will match your investment in operational expenses (i.e. mortgage payments, rent, insurance, inventory purchases, etc.) with a $1,000 (including HST) 4-week social media advertising campaign. You must be able to prove these expenditures by providing proof (receipts) for the expenditure with the final report. Please ensure that expenses are only used once for RTO7 programs. RTO7 will cover additional agency fees.
Note: The Administration Fee will be waived for 2021/22; Environics Analytics postal code analysis will still be provided however upon request (free of charge). That said, please still read the links below to markets, segments and activities that RTO7 targets – note that we are monitoring these, and they are subject to change/updating as new patterns emerge. Please also see the tourism metrics we encourage you to consider tracking.

The applicant will receive Environics Analytics analysis of the postal code data provided (minimum of 500 per application).  Applications where multiple partners exist can have each partner’s postal code data analyzed or mobility data for a cost of $600.00 each (this fee is not waived).

This data (if postal code data is provided 30 days in advance) will be useful to you in your market targeting and product development.  The markets, segments and activities that RTO7 targets i.e. the geographic audiences and types of tourists we are aiming to attract and types of activities we promote are outlined here. The data you provide through postal codes will be aggregated across all partners in the longer term to form a clearer, more refined picture of the state of tourism within the region to inform your and our future decision making. 

Note – RTO7 is actively analyzing current data on consumer sentiment that may influence target markets and messaging.  This research may help to inform the campaigns. 

In addition to postal code data, the data that partners may be required to include in their final reporting to assess performance will depend on the project and objectives in question. As data is the backbone of good tourism planning, the metrics that are considered most useful to RTO7 and/or stakeholders are elaborated on here.

Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until January 31, 2022 or until the program is fully subscribed. Please note that we require 2 to 3 weeks lead time from when you have submitted your application to the start date of your program.  This will allow sufficient time for the setup and launch of your digital marketing campaigns. 

If you require more information or have any questions, contact Amanda / 226-568-0242, Kim at / 519-379-2506 or Robyn at / 647-549-2983.