Supporting BGS Festivals and Events


Festivals & events have and continue to play an important role in BruceGreySimcoe tourism. These events, whether primarily local in orientation or produced for tourist appeal, play important roles in attracting visitors to destinations across the region and encourage both day and overnight visitation.
At the information meeting that took place on May 15, 2013, RTO7 announced its interest in supporting the development, sustainability and growth of BruceGreySimcoe festivals and events by providing funding and leadership for a strategic assessment of sector needs and opportunities.
(For more information about the Festivals and Events Microsite, see below.)
A stakeholder working group consisting of festivals and events leaders from across the region has been established to help guide this process. The goal of this initiative is to develop strategies and tactics that are informed by best practices, to better support BruceGreySimcoe festivals & events through regional and collaborative efforts.
The following needs and opportunities have been identified: 
  1. Research (consumer, economic impacts, data collection and sharing)
  2. Building capacity and sustainability (planning, partnerships, resources and funding)
  3. Marketing (collaborative, cooperative approaches and packaging opportunities).
A request for proposals (RFP) has been issued to identify an expert resource to:
  1. Engage and consult with festivals & events operators and partners
  2. Assess available marketing and attendance data, and identify ongoing/future research priorities
  3. Recommend criteria to support approaches to festivals & events planning, development, marketing and promotion
  4. Provide specific strategies and tactics to implement recommendations
The RFP document can be found here.
Further information will be published on this page as it becomes available, including relevant documents (see below). Festivals and Events Microsite
BruceGreySimcoe stakeholders who plan and manage tourism-oriented festivals and events are invited to promote their events through free listings on the Festivals and Events Microsite on
In order to be eligible for inclusion on the Festivals and Events microsite, events must meet two criteria:
  1. They must take place within BruceGreySimcoe; and
  2. Their purpose must be to attract visitors from outside the destination
Festivals and events will be promoted and displayed in one of two categories. These categories reflect the tourism orientation or appeal to visitors:
“Featured Events”
  • Demonstrated or potential marketability outside the region
  • Broad-based tourism appeal sufficient to act as a primary trip motivator and encourage overnight stays
  • Capacity to accommodate large numbers of visitors with supporting amenities and services
“Local Colour”
  • Primary draw is from near or in-region markets
  • Events that showcase the authenticity of the destination and the region and increase day trip visitation
  • Limited capacity to accommodate large numbers of visitors from outside the community
Event information can be submitted through the online form provided on the microsite.
Only festivals and events with a tourism orientation are eligible for listing on