BruceGreySimcoe Brand Guidelines

The BruceGreySimcoe brand makes a statement – it tells the world who and where we are and clearly defines the area as one distinct region.  The more the brand is used, the more consumer recognition will increase and, ultimately, more visitors will be enticed to Bruce, Grey and Simcoe. 

As partners in tourism, we encourage you, our stakeholders, to use the brand in your advertising and promotion.  It’s important to maintain consistency in the use and appearance of the brand for consumer awareness, so Brand Guidelines have been created as a reference tool for the correct use of the brand when included in your advertising and promotion.   Please refer to the Terms of Use on page five of the Guidelines when integrating the BruceGreySimcoe brand into your marketing plan.

It's easy to choose the brand format that works best for you as the brands can be downloaded individually or in one complete file.

If you have questions about the use of the brand, email us at

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