RTO7 Core Values

  • Collaborative: Collaboration means working together toward common goals. We will foster a culture of collaboration and cooperation by being easy to work with, by being inclusive, and by listening and by respecting other viewpoints. There is no place for zero-sum solutions or the politics of confrontation, hierarchy, or exclusion in how we collaborate
  • Transparent: Transparency is achieved through the full, accurate and timely disclosure of information. As an independent, publicly funded corporation we will communicate openly and proactively to ensure accountability to our stakeholders and government. We will neither pursue nor tolerate hidden agendas. Our decision-making processes – including but not limited to procurement – will reflect consistent, transparent and objective criteria
  • Trustworthy: As an organization that has embraced the values of collaboration and transparency, in our interactions with stakeholders, suppliers and others we will be ethically unyielding and honest. We will inspire trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviours to our words, and taking responsibility for our actions
  • Innovative: Valuing innovation means we strive to be on the leading edge. Creativity, experimentation and a willingness to ‘push the envelope’ characterize our approach to opportunities and challenges alike. Although we do not fear failure – rather, we embrace it as a means to continuously improve – we will always mitigate risks by making intelligent and disciplined decisions
  • Friendly and welcoming: As a tourism organization we are dedicated to the essential values of hospitality that make the communities and operators of BruceGreySimcoe authentically welcoming to visitors and guests
  • Sustainable Practices: While sustainability is often associated solely with environmental concerns, at RTO7, we recognize that economic and social sustainability are equally crucial for a balanced and thriving tourism industry.
  • Committed to Inclusivity: By embracing inclusivity as a core organizational value, RTO7 ensures that it not only welcomes a diverse range of visitors but also respects and represents the diverse cultures, heritages, and perspectives that exist within the region.

Standards of Conduct

Consistent with our values, when collaborating with organizations and individuals we will expect them to:

  • Participate in good faith with the intention of producing balanced and broadly accepted results, and recognize the value and contributions of other organizations and individuals
  • Focus on issues instead of positions and/or personal feelings, and show respect for other organizations and individuals by demonstrating empathy and active listening

Code of Ethics

Consistent with our values, we have adopted the following code of ethics. At all times directors, and staff as applicable, will:

  • Represent the interests of all stakeholders, and not those of a particular geographic, sector or interest group
  • Act as “trustees” of BruceGreySimcoe tourism industry interests, and endeavour to ensure that RTO7 is always operating in accordance with organizational values
  • Ensure that RTO7 is always functioning and in the best interests of stakeholders and operators by being well managed, financially secure, and successfully growing
  • Consider issues from broad interests and alternative points of view, and listen carefully to the opinions and input of all stakeholders
  • Inform issues by speaking from personal perspective (i.e., “… my own organization’s / my own thinking is…”)
  • Refrain from using the organization for personal advantage, or for the interests of any groups or individuals, and adhere to organizational policies regarding conflicts of interest and confidentiality
  • Address issues through appropriate board and committee channels, and refrain from lobbying others outside of these channels that might have the effect of creating factions and/or limiting free and open discussion
  • Recognize that the role of the board of directors is to ensure that RTO7 is well managed, and that it is the responsibility of the Executive Director and staff to manage the organization

Conflict of Interest

All individuals will avoid real or perceived conflicts of interest and refrain from deriving, directly or indirectly, any personal gain or profit by virtue of their position.

A conflict of interest refers to situations where personal, occupational, and/or financial considerations may affect, or appear to affect, an individual’s objectivity, judgment or ability to act in the best interests of RTO7. A conflict of interest includes a situation in which a person associated with an initiative or any member of his or her family is able to benefit financially from his or her involvement in the initiative.
By virtue of the nature of RTO7 as an industry-led organization it is recognized that individuals will often be personally engaged in tourism industry commerce. Both prior to and during their service all individuals shall openly disclose a potential, real or perceived conflict of interest as soon as the issue arises.
Should an instance arise where an individual believes s/he may be or appear to be in a conflict of interest, the matter should be immediately disclosed to Chair (or, in the case of the Chair, to the Board Development Committee or Audit Committee as appropriate) for discussion. If the board deems necessary it will, consistent with the requirements set out by the Ministry, disclose to the Province without delay any situation that may be reasonably interpreted as either an actual or potential conflict of interest.
In conducting procurement RTO7 will ensure that prospective vendors declare all conflicts of interest, or any situation that may be reasonably perceived as a conflict of interest. RTO7 will reserve the right to disqualify from consideration proposals and/or terminate contractual and employment agreements that in RTO7’s opinion demonstrate a conflict of interest or breach of this policy.