RTO7 Launches 2024/25 Funding Programs

RTO7 Launches 2024/25 Funding Programs
RTO7 is pleased to announce our line-up of programs for 2024/25 designed to support tourism operators, businesses, and organizations in BruceGreySimcoe. Applications are being accepted for processing, with start dates and funding based on the information below. 
RTO7’s program offerings for 2024/25 are contingent on the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport’s approval of RTO7’s business plan and budget. 

Partnership Program 2024/25

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis until deadline dates or until available funds have been allocated. Please note that program funds were exhausted very early last year so it is critical to get your application in as soon as possible (even if your proposed project will not occur until 2025).
Partnership Program streams are similar to last year, however all streams are now leveraged at $1:$1 or matching dollars.

The most accessed categories of partnership focus on the development of marketing collateral and advertising:
Collateral Development
  • Video & Image Development
    • Book a photo or video shoot to create an up-to-date library of images and video to use in future advertising (for guests or for staff recruitment), on your website or in print media.
  • Storytelling 
Advertising (often, although not necessarily) using the collateral developed above.
  • Social Media Advertising 
  • Digital Advertising
 Other Partnership categories include:
  • Trade Show Booth Space Reimbursement
  • Tourism Wayfinding, Trails & Cycling Signage
  • French Translation 
  • Experience Development (includes Research and Workforce Development as well as accredited Sustainability Certification for businesses and destinations)
All applications (and Guidelines) may be found here.

If you have questions or require more information, please email Alex Hogan, at ahogan@rto7.ca

Implementation Programs 

Operations Implementation Program (OIP)
Designed to assist tourism stakeholders in BruceGreySimcoe to promote their tourism business, festival, or event through a paid 4-week social media advertising campaign. RTO7 will match a $1,000 investment by the stakeholder in operational expenses. Outside of the operational investment, there is no additional cost for stakeholders to access this program. Eligible operational expenses include mortgage payments, rent, insurance, inventory purchases, etc. Find more information on this page on RTO7.ca, including guidelines and the application link. 
Sustainability Inclusivity Program (SIP)
This program is similar in design to the Operations Implementation Program (above) but has been developed to assist tourism stakeholders who have established an inclusive business practice or would like assistance in promoting a new sustainable product, experience or initiative. RTO7 will match a $2,500 operational investment by the stakeholder with a paid 4-week social media advertising campaign. Learn more and apply on RTO7.ca

Recruitment Implementation Program (RIP)
The Recruitment Implementation Program will continue to be offered as part of RTO7's 2024/25 Business Plan. To improve the program outcome for tourism stakeholders, we are revising the program details and guidelines. This program will no longer operate as a social media advertising campaign. The revised Recruitment Program will launch the week of March 18th, 2024. Stay tuned for more information! 
If you have questions or need help with any of the implementation programs, contact:

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