Harness the Future of Travel: Why Your Tourism Business Needs EV Charging Stations

Harness the Future of Travel: Why Your Tourism Business Needs EV Charging Stations
In the heart of BruceGreySimcoe, Regional Tourism Organization 7 (RTO7) is leading a sustainable future for tourism with an exciting opportunity for local businesses. As part of Canada's bold stride toward a greener tomorrow, the Government has mandated that by 2035, every new passenger vehicle and light-duty truck sold must be zero-emission. In alignment with this vision, RTO7 introduces the GoEV Program, an initiative that offers a helping hand to tourism businesses ready to embrace this eco-friendly shift.

The GoEV funding program will cover 50% of eligible expenses up to a prescribed maximum value for installing qualified electric vehicle (EV) charging stations by June 2025. This initiative is more than just about meeting a mandate; it's about transforming the tourism landscape of BruceGreySimcoe into a model of sustainability and innovation. Let's explore the benefits of integrating EV charging stations into your tourism operation through the GoEV program: 

Evolving Travel Trends

Consumers are already trying to make meaningful decisions when travelling. According to a consumer study through Expedia Group, more than half of travellers said they would be willing to pay more for transportation, activities, or lodging if the option was more sustainable. 


Prioritizing Sustainability

RTO7 is committed to sustainable tourism and the balance of economic, social and environmental interests. The integration of EV charging stations signals a commitment by both your business and the region to environmental stewardship. It enhances the region's appeal as an environmentally responsible destination, attracting visitors who prioritize sustainability in their travel choices.

Align with RTO7 Efforts

Based on our research with Environics Analytics, consumers who intend on purchasing, and who are purchasing fully electric vehicles are primarily urban and suburban families and youth segments who not only value sustainability but also have disposable income. These potential visitors to the region are a target audience in our marketing and advertising for the BruceGreySimcoe brand. 

In addition to serving a new tourism market, accessible EV charging stations provide a service to local residents driving electric vehicles. 

Competitive Edge

Offering EV charging not only prepares your business for future trends but also distinguishes you from competitors. It adds a valuable amenity that can attract a wider audience, including the growing number of EV owners looking for charging solutions that will increase their confidence in travelling to the region, knowing that convenient charging will be available. By offering this service, your business stands out as an innovative, customer-centric, and environmentally conscious choice for visitors. In addition, you will extend the reach of your marketing, by being present on websites and apps such as PlugShare.com.

Economic Benefits 

Providing local charging to tourists typically increases their dwell time in the area, resulting in their engaging with and spending money on local services and attractions while charging. There is even the option through platforms such as Charge Deals to incent travellers with coupons to your business or local businesses within close proximity of the charger they are using.

Beyond the economic benefits of traveller spending to your business and the local economy, there is the option for cost recovery through charging fees to help cover the costs associated with installing and maintaining EV charging stations or to generate profits. 

Implementation & Support

RTO7’s GoEV Project Manager has years of relevant engineering, municipal planning and EV charging installation experience and will help to ensure that all eligibility requirements are fulfilled to reimburse project expenses. It is important to note that while the Project Manager will do their best to assist in answering your questions, it will be your responsibility to lead your project, secure the charging station and equipment, ensure adequate electrical capacity and planning permissions, etc. 

Join the Movement

The GoEV funding program offers a unique opportunity for tourism operators in BruceGreySimcoe. We are the only regional tourism organization in Ontario offering this type of funding and after May 1st, the program eligibility will be expanded to consider applications beyond RTO7’s focused audience of tourism assets. Don't miss out on this chance!

For more information on how to apply for the GoEV funding program, visit the RTO7 website or reach out to Program Manager, Bill Harvey at bharvey@rto7.ca to discuss what installing EV charging capacity might look like for you. 

Together, let's drive towards creating a more sustainable, resilient, and economically vibrant community!

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