Regional Tourism Organization 7 (RTO7) is accepting applications for the 2024/25 Implementation Programs which reflects RTO7’s 2024/25 Business Plan.  RTO7’s program offerings for 2024/25 are contingent on the Ministry of  Tourism, Culture and Sport’s approval of RTO7’s business plan and budget. 

The Recruitment Implementation Program (RIP) has been specifically designed to assist BruceGreySimcoe tourism operators in their workforce recruitment efforts. The program will post job ads to the RTO7 Indeed Job Board and sponsor posts to a maximum of $500 per job post (up to a maximum of 5). Cash contributions are not required from partners to participate in the program but they will need to demonstrate a $500 investment in operational expenses to qualify. Examples of eligible operational expenses that can be used to leverage marketing funds include property taxes, mortgage costs, insurance, inventory purchases, etc.


What Has Changed? 

This program previously advertised job opportunities through social media and has been revised for this year to advertise on Indeed. This is an effort to improve the effectiveness of the program for participants, resulting in new hires! 

As noted above, please read the Recruitment Implementation Program Guidelines for a full overview of the program.   

Who Can Apply?

  • Tourism Operators - The term ‘tourism operator’ is defined as a tourism, festival, heritage, cultural and sport, consumer-facing organization that has direct access to the consumer and relies on that tourism consumer for their income.
  • DMOs, BIA's, Chambers and Municipalities will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please contact RTO7 staff before applying.

What else should you know?

  • Stakeholders interested in the Recruitment Implementation Program will be required to provide the completed job description. 
  • Your website should be mobile-friendly and provide employment information outlining the available opportunities, benefits, and company culture (recommended). 
  • Funding for RIP will be provided on a first-come-first-serve basis! Apply now to secure your funding for summer, fall, or winter hiring in the 2024/25 season. 
  • All projects must be completed before March 31, 2025. 

Apply at the link below:

If you require more information or have any questions, contact Kim at / 519-379-2506 or Robyn at / 647-549-2983.

2023/24 Recruitment Implementation Program Campaigns

·      Town of New Tecumseth Job Fair
·      Goldsmith's Farm Market & Bakery

2022/23 Recruitment Implementation Program Campaigns

·      Ace Transportation
·      Folmer’s Landscaping & Garden Centre
·      The June Motel
·      Cobble Beach x2
·      Goldsmith’s Farm Market & Bakery
·      Drayton Entertainment
·      Snow Valley
·      Hardwood Ski & Bike
·      Horseshoe Valley
·      Bayview Wildwood Resort
·      Sunray Group Hotels
·      Rad Adventures
·      Living Water Resorts
·      Tamarac Island Inn and Motel
·      Wasaga Adventure Park

2021/22 Recruitment Implementation Program Campaigns

·      Meaford Chamber of Commerce
·      Horseshoe Resort x2
·      Blue Mountain Adventure Tours
·      Snow Valley
·      Freshii
·      Blue Mountain Village Association
·      Grey Bruce Owen Sound YMCA
·      Thorncrest Outfitters
·      Heydays Restaurant
·      The Breakfast House
·      Rad Adventures
·      Thornbury Village Cidery
·      Wasaga Adventure Park
·      Gardhouse Enterprises
·      Quayles Brewery