Who is eligible:

  • Tourism Operators
    • defined as an Owner or Senior Level Manager responsible for a business that is a consumer facing organization that has direct access to the tourism consumer and relies directly on that consumer for their income
    • the Tourism Operation must be currently in operation and currently servicing the tourism consumer within BruceGreySimcoe
  • Tourism Operators are permitted to apply for other similar programs from other assistance programs
  • Maximum 45 partners; on a “First Come, First Served” basis until funds are allocated (latest shoot February 2021)

What’s expected from you:

  • You will need to provide (attach to application) copies of receipts for $1,500 in operational expenses in order to leverage this free opportunity (which has a value of $3,000) – receipts must not be the same as those used to access other RTO7 assistance programs
  • You will find appropriate models (matching your target audience) for the videos (most partners use volunteers that are typically willing to help if a meal or similar incentive is provided)

What you can expect (including deliverables):

  • Your video(s) will be shot and edited by RTO7’s Agency of Record H Visual Media
  • 1 x 60 second (approx. length) Consumer Confidence video (to provide assurance to consumers and employees of safety precautions you are undertaking)
  • According to Provincial Consumer Sentiment & Behaviour research:
    • The message must be crafted and delivered to create a sense of comfort and authenticity
    • Must not be hyper, jovial, promote excitement
    • Must be informational, current, and factual
    • Should be presented by the owner or most senior manager of the business, not someone that does not have the authority to make immediate changes 
  • Plus, 1 x 30 second (or 1 x 15 second) (approximate) promotional/advertising video (using much of the same content, to advertise your product offering, to be used by both you and RTO7 in our BruceGreySimcoe seasonal campaign)
    • Will contain a clear Call to Action (e.g. a link to Learn More or a URL to your website)
  • You may contribute funds to the project if desired (beyond the $3,000.00 RTO7 is covering) to produce an enhanced video
  • Note that for those that have previously done videos through the Partnership Program, some B-roll may be used by H Visual Media
  • All images provided will be licensed to the relevant partner and Regional Tourism Organization 7 (with access for Destination Ontario & Destination Canada) for a period of 3 years, at which point H Visual Media will also have access to the footage
  • Activities depicted in the video will (must) conform with safety standards e.g. helmets, lifejackets, etc.
  • Videos will be set to music; these videos will not be narrated.  If narration is desired, you will need to provide funds to cover the cost associated with narration
    • In this case (narrated), you will be provided with a separate closed caption file that may be uploaded to YouTube or Facebook when you upload the video itself (again, any costs associated with this will be your responsibility)
  • If the shoot (or part of it) is outdoors, we will use long and short-term weather forecasts leading up to your shoot date; if inclement weather results in cancellation of a shoot date, the shoot date will be rescheduled at earliest available date; If the shoot is cancelled on the day of production, it will be reviewed on a case by case basis to evaluate the reasons for the cancellation and whether it warrants a reshoot date
  • H Visual Media has a wide range of drones and specialty cameras, however use of the aerial drone requires advance notice (in some cases permits to fly over); wind and weather can also be an issue
  • Once the video has been produced, you will have ONE round of edits – note that ALL edits must be made at once, and must be made within ONE week of receipt of the draft video (failure to do so may incur charges to the operator)
  • Final videos will be delivered via dropbox.com or WeTransfer
    • They will be encoded in a QuickTime H.264 format to be used for YouTube and Facebook
    • The files may be delivered in an uncompressed format upon request, but keep in mind files could be 1 to 4 gigs in size depending on the length of the video

Download the Application Form here

Have questions? Email info@rto7.ca