Who is eligible:

  • Tourism Operators
    • defined as a consumer facing organization that has direct access to the tourism consumer and relies directly on that consumer for their income
  • Must have been in business one year from the date of application
  • Must:
    • be currently serving the tourism consumer within BruceGreySimcoe, OR
    • have served the tourism consumer at some point since April 2021, OR
    • be planning to serve the tourism consumer within 45 days of the application date (e.g. a seasonal business)
  • Tourism Operators are permitted to apply for other similar programs from other assistance programs
  • Available on a “First Come, First Served” basis until funds are allocated
  • You may access this program (and vice-versa) if you have benefitted from RTO7’s Consumer Confidence Video or COVID-19 Recovery Support (under Resources) or Operations Implementation Program (under Programs), however you cannot be reimbursed for the same expense twice

What’s expected from you:

  • You will need to provide (attach to application) copies of receipts for $1,500 (pre-tax) in operational expenses (i.e. anything required to get/keep you operational e.g. rent, insurance, inventory purchases, etc.) in order to leverage this free opportunity (which has a value of $3,000) – receipts must not be the same as those used to access other RTO7 assistance programs
  • You will find appropriate models (matching your target audience) for the shoot (most partners use volunteers that are typically willing to help if a meal or similar incentive is provided)

What you can expect (including deliverables):

  • Shoot will be conducted by RTO7’s Allison Davies
  • 1 day shoot in which intent of images is to provide assurance to consumers and employees of safety precautions you are undertaking
  • According to Provincial Consumer Sentiment & Behaviour research:
    • The message must be crafted and delivered to create a sense of comfort and authenticity
    • Must be informational, current, and factual
  • Half day shoot of promotional/advertising imagery to advertise your product offering, to be used by both you and RTO7 in our BruceGreySimcoe seasonal campaign
  • The day and a half may be split between two seasons if preferred
  • Activities depicted in the images will (must) conform with safety standards e.g. helmets, lifejackets, etc.
  • If the shoot (or part of it) is outdoors, we will use long and short-term weather forecasts leading up to your shoot date; if inclement weather results in cancellation of a shoot date, the shoot date will be rescheduled at earliest available date; if the shoot is cancelled on the day of production, it will be reviewed on a case by case basis to evaluate the reasons for the cancellation and whether it warrants a reshoot date
  • The shoot must abide by current provincial, health unit and municipal COVID-19 guidelines for the comfort and safety of your staff, models and the photographer (especially in indoor situations)
  • The images will depict people conforming to current guidelines – people should be enjoying themselves, however it should not depict inappropriate COVID related behaviour, etc.
    Images to be delivered within 6 weeks of shoot (unless negotiated otherwise prior to signing)
  • Final images will be delivered via USB flash drives
  • Partners are eligible to do 2 Consumer Confidence Images (CCI) per year (one for Spring/Summer/Fall and one for Winter) or may do 1 CCI and one Consumer Confidence Video (CCV – separate application for a video). If doing 1 CCI and 1 CCV, these may be done at the same time or in different seasons. 

Download the Application Form here and submit to Alex at ahogan@rto7.ca

Have questions? Email ahogan@rto7.ca