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Thank you for your interest! The Tourism SkillsNet7 funding has been fully allocated for this round. Stay tuned for updates on the program release for 2024/25.  

In collaboration with Destination Northern Ontario, Nature and Outdoor Tourism Ontario, Ontario Tourism Education Corporation, Ontario Employment Service Providers and South Eastern Ontario, Tourism SkillsNet7 is designed to identify specific workforce labour gaps, train up to 100 potential employees and match them with available job opportunities within BruceGreySimcoe’s tourism sector.

Qualified employers will be eligible for a 50% wage subsidy up to:
  • Seasonal employer (new TSN7 employee): $3,000
  • Seasonal employer or year-round employer (returning TSN7 job seeker/employee): $2,500
  • Year-round employer (new TSN7 employee): $5,000

Each organization is eligible to receive wage subsidies for up to a maximum of 10 employees for the program. Training is encouraged for as many employees as possible and is not limited to 10.

Unfortunately, employers cannot hire his/her spouse, sibling or child.
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For employers looking to participate in the program. 
For potential employees looking to participate in the program.

The links above will redirect you to the TSNN registration page. Please continue the registration process by clicking on the EMPLOYER or JOB SEEKER & EMPLOYEE links.  This will direct you to the desired registration page.

If you would like to inquire about your registration status, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at

A man in a Quayle's Brewery ball cap and golf shirt smiles at the camera. He has branches of hops around his neck.Wage Subsidy Amounts

To receive the wage subsidy, you must ensure that your newly hired employees meet the eligibility criteria and complete the participant registration form.

To support as many businesses as possible, the following conditions have been established:
  • Each organization is eligible to receive wage subsidies for up to a maximum of 10 employees for the program.
  • The wage subsidies are prioritized on a first come first served basis, based on the completion of training.

Access and download the Wage Subsidy & Payroll Checklist (PDF)

Tourism SkillsNet7: Training GuideA young woman wearing glasses smiles at the camera in front of a computer screen to the side of her.

The Tourism SkillsNet7 Training Guide includes an overview of the training and materials that a participant will receive once enrolling in Tourism SkillsNet7.
The objective of the Tourism SkillsNet7 training guide is to:

  • Support employers and job seekers to define the best training option.
  • Provide an understanding of the available training programs and courses that are available in the program.

Access and download the Tourism SkillsNet7 Training Guide (PDF)

Employer FAQ

Q: Do I qualify if I live outside of RTO7?
Jobseekers and employees outside of BruceGreySimcoe who are looking for work in the Region 7 tourism industry and are able and willing to move to BruceGreySimcoe (as represented by RTO7), are welcome to register. 

Jobseekers and employees outside of BruceGreySimcoe who are looking for work in Region 7’s tourism industry and able and willing to move to BruceGreySimcoe, are welcome to register.  

RTO7 is defined Bruce, Grey and Simcoe Counties.
Q: Who is eligible for the program?
For jobseekers and employees, the program is open to any individual with an open work permit to work in Ontario, who is living in, or willing to move to BruceGreySimcoe Ontario (RTO7), and who is searching for a better employment opportunity in the tourism sector. TSN7 will aim to match any qualified job seeker to a registered employer. 

The number of available positions will be dependent on employer needs. 

For employers, those operations located inside RTO7, which includes Bruce, Grey and Simcoe Counties and operate in the following fields will be eligible for the program: 
  • Accommodation (B&B, Hotel, Motel, Lodge, Campground etc.)
  • Attraction
  • Adventure Outfitter (ATV, Camping, Canoe/Kayaking, Horseback Riding, Dog Sledding etc.)
  • Fishing/Hunting Outfitter
  • Restaurant/Culinary Establishment
  • Activity Based (Hiking, Interpretive Program, Wildlife Viewing, Cross Country Skiing, Downhill Skiing etc.)
  • Retail
  • Service (Air Service, Marina Boat/Launch, Meeting Facility, Wedding Service)
  • Cultural Attraction (Heritage Site, Museum, Art Gallery) 

For both employers and employees, participation is limited to those living within the areas serviced by BruceGreySimcoe (RTO7), which includes Bruce, Grey and Simcoe counties.
Q: How long will it take to be approved?
This will depend on how quickly the employers and employees can be matched up. Once approved, the employee will begin a virtual training module hosted by the OTEC.
Q: How long will it take to complete the training?
In order for an employer to submit a wage subsidy, their employees will have to: 
  • Register for TSN7
  • Attend and complete two mandatory instructor-led training courses (approx. 4hrs each) 
  • Complete two mandatory self-guided courses (approx. 1hr each) 

For a total of approximately 10 hours of training. 

There are also a large number of optional courses participants can take to further their professional development.  
Q: I registered my employees; can I get updates on their training status?
Yes! To get an update on your employees training status, please reach out to the OTEC team.
Q: Do those under age of majority qualify?
Yes! Parental or guardian consent will be required, but those under the age of majority (18) can qualify to participate in the program.
Q: How do I register my staff for the upcoming instructor-led training courses?
Melody from OTEC and Kim from RTO7 will provide you with regular updates on the upcoming cohort schedules. To register your staff for the instructor-led training courses, please reach out to Melody and let her know which employees you would like to register, and which dates you would like them to attend.
Q: How do I collect the wage subsidy payment?
To view the Wage Subsidy & Payroll Checklist, click here.

Job Seekers/Employees FAQ

Q: Who can take this program?
Tourism SkillsNet7 is open to anyone: 
  • Who have a work permit, allowing them to work in Ontario,  
  • Live in, or is willing to move to BruceGreySimcoe for the duration of their employment 
  • Searching for an employment opportunity in the tourism sector
Q: Where does this training fit into my job, and what are the benefits?
  • Tourism SkillsNet7 provides all our training virtually, including both Instructor-led trainings, where participants are encouraged to ask questions, as well as more self-guided online learning you can do at your own pace.  
  • The training provided by Tourism SkillsNet7 provides core skills that can be used in any task or role. These kinds of skills can also help job seekers find and secure jobs with future employers, especially in the tourism sector. For example: taking the Essential Service Excellence training will allow any employee, whether in the front of house or in general maintenance, to know the basics of delivering clear, good service when interacting with customers. 
Q: How long will it take to complete the training?
The Tourism SkillsNet7 training includes: 
  • two mandatory instructor-led training courses (approx. 4hrs each)  
  • two mandatory self-guided courses (approx. 1hr each) 
Q: Can I work and do the training at the same time?
Yes! Our instructor-led training schedule is designed to allow those who are working to be able to attend. Although presented live, and so scheduled ahead of time, the schedule is released in advance, so please speak with your employer ahead of time to make sure that you can make it. 

The self-guided part of the program is designed to be flexible and can be done at your own pace.
Q: Is there an age limit for this program?
There is no age limit for this program, but anyone under the age of 18 will need parental or guardian consent to participate. 

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Kim Clarke,

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