Thank you for interest in this program. Unfortunately, this program is fully subscribed for 2020/21. Applications for the 2021/22 year will be available in the coming months; however, please reach out if you require more information or have any questions.
Amanda Pausner, or Kim Clarke,

The Tourism Implementation Program (TIP) is designed to assist BruceGreySimcoe stakeholders by supporting a social media marketing campaign to promote a new product or experience they have invested in.  For example, purchasing a new canoe for guests or renovating an art studio to accommodate more artist’s work.  Partners must demonstrate how their investment has helped to achieve one of the four following objectives: 

  • Improve quality and sustainability,
  • Reduced seasonality,
  • Increased visitor spending or length of stay, and
  • Expanded to or developed a new target market.

The Partner must be able to match RTO7’s contribution through their investment at a ratio of $1:$2 for investments between $1,000 - $5,000. RTO7 will support the partner by providing $2,000-$10,000 (including HST) to conduct a social media campaign (Facebook and/or Instagram) marketing.  For example, if the Partner contributes $1,000 towards a sustainable initiative, RTO7 will contribute $2,000 towards a social media marketing campaign.

NEW IN 2020/21

All partnerships will require the payment of a $200.00 administration fee.  The applicant will receive Environics Analytics analysis of the postal code data provided (minimum of 500 per application).  Applications where multiple partners exist can have each partner’s postal code data analyzed or mobility data for a cost of  $600.00 each (municipalities only).  Waived for 2020/21

This data (provided it is provided 30 days in advance) will be useful to you in your marketing targeting and product development.  The markets, segments and activities that RTO7 targets i.e. the geographic audiences and types of tourists we are aiming to attract and types of activities we promote are outlined here. The data you provide through postal codes will be aggregated across all partners in the longer term to form a clearer, more refined picture of the state of tourism within the region to inform your and our future decision making. 

In addition to postal code data, the data that partners may be required to include in their final reporting to assess performance will depend on the project and objectives in question. Data that is considered most useful to RTO7 and/or stakeholders is elaborated on here.

Examples of festivals TIP has supported:

Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until January 31, 2020 or until the program is fully subscribed.

If you require more information or have any questions, contact Amanda at  or 226-568-0242 or Kim at or 519-379-2506.