Background Information

The program has been developed through a partnership between the Ontario Restaurant & Motel Association (ORHMA), the Ontario Tourism Education Corporation (OTEC) and Tourism HR Canada (THRC).  RTO7 is pleased to offer this online training free to our tourism stakeholders within BruceGreySimcoe.  

The "It's Your Shift" Program

Offered through the OTEC website, the goal of this exclusive hospitality training program is to create a safe and welcoming work environment for the employees of this industry.  Five online learning modules make up the training, featuring case studies on practices that have proved successful for the industry.  

This training equips frontline and management staff with both the knowledge and up-to-date resources needed to implement safe intervention practices in the workplace.

Register by clicking on the link below and using Organization Code RTO7-IYS


Overview: It’s Your Shift

View and download the PDF for detailed module information.

Make the Shift: This module will introduce why sexual harassment and violence is harmful and what an employee can do about it. It further outlines the key steps to becoming a SHIFT Champion by exploring the SHIFT model. 

Own the Shift and Recognize: This module explores inappropriate, sexually-charged behaviour in the hospitality workplace.  It will explain how to tell if a specific behaviour is inappropriate, as well as how to recognize if the behaviour is unwelcome.  

Own the Shift and Respond: In this module, employees will have a chance to think about what to do if they see something that isn’t right. It will explore how to choose whether or not to intervene and what intervention techniques are most effective. It will also explore how conscious and sub-conscious biases influence our decisions and how we can overcome common barriers to intervention.

Own the Shift and Reduce: This module is about the bigger picture and what can be done to reduce the likelihood of sexually charged, inappropriate and/or illegal behaviour from happening at work in the first place. It explores ideas and attitudes that contribute to sexual harassment and violence and how to help make your workplace and the industry in general, better. 

Lead the Shift: In this module managers or supervisors will learn why sexual harassment and violence is harmful to your organization and what an employer can do about it. It further outlines the key steps to becoming a SHIFT Leader by exploring the SHIFT model to help support the shift in culture to a workplace of zero tolerance of sexual harassment. Lead the Shift is intended for hospitality managers and owner operators.