RTO7 and the Counties of Bruce, Grey & Simcoe have partnered to bring an online customer service training program to the region.  Working in collaboration with OTEC (Ontario Tourism Education Corporation), the BGS Tourism Service Excellence Training is a one hour training that will provide the fundamentals of customer service for frontline tourism staff and other first impression individuals e.g. gas station attendants. We want to collectively ensure that we’re all putting our best foot forward when it comes to welcoming visitors to BruceGreySimcoe!


To be eligible to take the training individuals must:
  1. Work in one of Bruce, Grey or Simcoe Counties
  2. Own or work for a “tourism business or organization” as defined below:
    • Tourism industry (i.e. the businesses or industries that sell products and services directly to tourists, e.g. accommodations, restaurants, recreation and attractions, travel agents, transportation and retail enterprises etc.)
      • Owner/Operator (private and non-private tourism businesses, attractions)
      • ‘First impressions’ individuals/organizations e.g. gas station attendant, convenience store clerk, or an organization that regularly services the visitors to our region
    • Tourism Organization
    • Destination Marketing Organization (DMO)
    • Business Improvement Association (BIA) or Chamber of Commerce
    • Municipal Tourism Office
    • Students in a tourism/hospitality program (secondary, post-secondary, career college, etc.) – please call 705-888-8728 or click on the Register button below to access the training
    • If you are a large employer wishing to access training for more than 10 participants, please call your County representative below to access the 'larger employer' promo code
      • Bruce County: 1-800-268-3838
      • Grey County: 519-376-3365 x6102
      • Simcoe County: 705-726-9300 x1932

If you have issues accessing the training module, please email support@OTEC.org

What to Expect


If you work for an organization involved in tourism or are a “first impressions” individual within the region, you are part of a huge industry that’s incredibly important to this region.  To keep visitors coming back and reinvesting in our businesses, we need to differentiate our region from other regions of the province, and a key way to do that is for each and every one of us to work towards making the visitor experience outstanding. 

By investing an hour of your time at home or at the office (any time of day) in this self-paced training, you’ll improve your employability in the industry.  This might translate to greater tips, transferable life skills you can take with you anywhere, a recognized certification that gives you an edge over others in the interviewing process, as well as an improved work environment and job satisfaction. 


If you own a tourism business or manage an organization that serves tourists, you’ll know the importance of staff training, and customer service training in particular.  It can be costly and time-consuming to provide staff training, so this free of charge initiative is intended to directly benefit you and your organization by providing training that flexes to you and your staffs’ schedules, that can be done online from work or home.  Improved customer service represents a way to differentiate your business in a competitive field, and to increase revenues.  More satisfied customers leads to customer loyalty and resulting word of mouth marketing, leading to extended and repeat customer visits.  In addition improved teamwork and communication results in increased job satisfaction and morale amongst your staff. 

Once logged in, if you have issues accessing the training, please contact OTEC's support at support@OTEC.org