The Media Relations Program is available to all BruceGreySimcoe partners (“partners” are private businesses, destination marketing and management organizations (DMMOs), tourism organizations, municipalities, associations, and interest groups).
The purpose of the program is to provide financial assistance in support of partner efforts to attract and host accredited travel media representatives to visit and experience BruceGreySimcoe, with the aim of increasing the depth and breadth of media exposure of the region.
Travel media interested in writing about BruceGreySimcoe are invited to Contact Us and outline their story idea and for possible referral to potential partners.
Who May Apply
  • Applications will only be accepted from the host or sponsoring partner (tourism organization or business)
  • In the interest of fairness, a maximum of three applications will be accepted from any one partner

Story Criteria
  • Experiential (first person perspective) or story telling based on primary research
  • For print and/or digital and/or broadcast media publication
  • Minimum 1,000 words or equivalent 

Eligible Funding
  • Maximum $1,000 per application
  • Partner contributions may be in the form of financial contributions (not required) and/or in-kind contributions (mandatory)
  • In-kind contributions may include: visit and itinerary planning; hosting; travel arrangements (accommodation, tours, meals, etc.); subject matter expertise, arrangement of interviews

Eligible Expenses

The program will cover reasonable, usual and customary expenses and fees for the designated media representative (one person) only (no guests)
  • Accommodation (maximum two nights) – subject to advance registration at published or negotiated rates with payment to be rendered directly to accommodator
  • Transportation (excluding mileage)
  • Meals (excluding alcoholic beverages)
  • Attraction/gated entry fees
  • FAM and guided tours (self-guided tour costs are ineligible)
  • NOTE: writer’s fees and production costs are NOT eligible expenses

Required Acknowledgement

BruceGreySimcoe must be included in story:
  • Mention of as appropriate
  • Inclusion of BruceGreySimcoe logo as appropriate

Criteria and Approval Process
  • Preference will be given to stories with high potential to reach large and/or targeted audiences in key consumer market segments
  • Preference will also be given to stories that provide unique and compelling narratives that showcase the subject matter
  • Applications will be reviewed by RTO7 Director of Marketing, Executive Director and Communication Coordinator
  • All applications will be assessed, however not all applications will necessarily be approved. In all cases feedback and/or recommendations will be provided to applying partner
  • Please allow 10 working days for review

To Apply

Forward following information via email or attachment to attention of: Bill Sullivan, Executive Director, at
  1. Partner name and contact information
  2. Details of collaboration, if applicable
  3. Topic (destination, experience, attraction, operator, etc.)
  4. Target audience and rationale (include relevant research, evidence of demand)
  5. Writer/media representative – provide evidence of accreditation, sample articles and proof of reference checks
  6. Confirmed media/publication placement (if project is on spec provide details of placement plan), reach (circulation, impressions, etc.) and planned publication date
  7. Partner role and contribution – specify financial as well as in-kind contributions
  8. Proposed budget – please itemize expenses 

Note: expenses are subject to prior approval based on budget and must be supported by original receipts.
Questions? Contact Us.