Festivals are BIG here.  With over 500 identified Festivals and Events across BruceGreySimcoe, they help to form the backbone of why it’s so great to come here.  Some events are small and are geared towards the locals, while other festivals are huge and help to drive the economic engine of a community by attracting thousands of tourists. 
The May 2014 report – RTO7: Regional Strategic Plan for Festivals and Events by Sierra Planning and Management (available on www.rto7data.ca) identified that many of the festivals and events across BruceGreySimcoe needed to build capacity, create sustainability and develop stronger marketing strategies.  

The Festival Implementation Program is designed to help well established and regional/emerging festivals (please see program criteria below for definitions), to coach festival organizers while potentially funding a digital advertising campaign. 

Kim Clarke, Tourism Experience Development Specialist (TEDS) can assist BruceGreySimcoe festival organizers by coaching festival organizers to:
  • Make the festival more sustainable
  • Increase the quality of the festival and/or
  • Target a new audience to attend the festival (40km+ radius from the host community)
If a festival can demonstrate a financial investment of at least $1,000 towards achieving at least one of the items listed above, they may be eligible to receive $1,000 - $2,500 from RTO7 towards a digital advertising campaign.  The festival partner must be able to match RTO7’s contribution through this investment in themselves.

Festival Clusters

Destination Marketing Organizations (DMO), Business Improvement Associations (BIA), Chambers of Commerce or municipalities may also apply for a cluster of festivals within their area (minimum 2, maximum 5). 

Each festival within the cluster must aim to make the festival more sustainable, increase the quality and/or target a new audience to attend the festival (40km+ radius from the host community), and must demonstrate a financial investment of at least $1,000 to achieve one of the items listed above. 

If each individual festival within the cluster can demonstrate this, they may receive $1,000 - $2,500 in digital advertising. Each festival does not need to make the same financial investment, but RTO7 will match only the actual investment to a maximum of $2,500.  

Deadline, Application Form and Criteria

Applications will be accepted on an ongoing basis until December 31, 2017 or until the program is fully subscribed.

To check to see if you are eligible for the program, please review the program criteria by clicking on the link below.

Festivals must apply at least six (6) weeks before the festival advertising campaign commences.

If you require more information or have any questions, contact Kim at kclarke@rto7.ca or 519-379-2506.